Chapter I

Basis - Purpose - Office place - Objective

Article 1: Basis and name

The European Berger de Brie clubs and associations founded, on the basis of the present statute and French law from 19th April 1908 (Art. 21 to 79), concerning the associations (Art 55 to 74), the "Union Européenne du Berger de Brie", hereafter called U.E.B.B. The member clubs are represented by their presidents, or by another person, delegated by the club.  

Article 2: Purpose

The U.E.B.B. does not replace existing national clubs and associations. It aims to recommend and guide their members in preserving and developing the capabilities of the Berger de Brie as a utility-dog, as well as to promote selection according to the standard of the country of origin.

The U.E.B.B. aims to reach the following goals which may be expanded according to needs:

  • Appoint a COMMISSION FOR BREEDING AND HEALTH responsible for collecting information and statistics, in order to fight and prevent inheritable diseases and anomalies occurring within the breed. The commission is obliged to record all received data in order to inform and consult the breeders and to make them sensitive for better selection instead of intensive production.
  • Appoint a COMMISSION FOR CHARACTER AND UTILITY with the task of establishing a test for character and behaviour in order to create a standardised judgement selection. The commission shall organise annual utility meetings within the disciplines: Ring, tracking , trooping, sheep herding, IPO and so on, to preserve the inherent character of the breed.
  • Appoint a COMMISSION OF JUDGES in regard to a more strict and uniform interpretation of the standard required in the allocation of qualifications and awards.
  • Organise an annual event, alternating among the member countries, with a special international show according to the rules of the F.C.I. The show will enable breeders to exhibit there successes before a large public as well as assisting in breeding plans for the future.  

Article 3: Offices

The offices of the U.E.B.B. will be the same as A.B.B. of France.  

Article 4: Duration

The duration of the U.E.B.B. is unlimited.

Chapter II


Article 5: Members

The U.E.B.B. consists of Berger de Brie clubs and associations, connected to the F.C.I. These clubs are represented by their presidents, or other persons delegated by the club.  

Article 6: Entry-fee - contribution

Each club has to pay an one time entry-fee and there-after every year a contribution based on the number of members. The amount of the contribution will be fixed by the committee.
The membership fee for the running year must be paid at the latest by the end of February, according to the number of club members at the end of the previous year. Members not fulfilling their commitments will not have the right to vote at the general assembly. If despite a reminder fees are still unpaid, the club will be stricken from the members list (Art. 8). The return of already paid fees is not feasible.

Article 7: Condition of admittance

Each Berger de Brie club or association, being connected to the F.C.I. is entitled to admittance in the U.E.B.B. Acceptance of these statutes upon entrance to the U.E.B.B. is a condition of membership.    

Article 8: Termination of the membership

Membership can be terminated by the following methods:

  • By submitting a letter of resignation to the president of the U.E.B.B.
  • By expulsion following severe contravention of the statutes or damaging to the reputation of the U.E.B.B.
  • By exclusion from the member list because of non-payment of the yearly contribution.  

Article 9: Liabilities

No member or member of the committee or of the office can be personally liable for commitments incurred by the U.E.B.B.
For such commitments only the property of the U.E.B.B. will be liable.

Chapter III

Organisation - Administration

Article 10: Committee

The U.E.B.B. will be managed by a committee consisting of the presidents of the member Clubs or member associations, or by another member delegated by the club. The three languages of the U.E.B.B. are: German, French and English.

Article 11: Sessions

The committee shall meet at least once a year in one of the member countries of the U.E.B.B. for an ordinary session. The topics shall concern breeding, selection, standard and character of the Berger de Brie. The agenda will be decided by the president. The A.B.B., as the country of origin shall supervise the standard of the Berger de Brie, endeavour to cooperate with the members of the U.E.B.B.
To be competent in passing resolutions, a quorum of at least half the members of the committee must be present. Resolutions will be resolved by a majority of votes. In the event of the committee failing to reach a decision, the president shall be decisive.
All decisions being taken by the committee must be recorded in a protocol. The protokol must be signed by the president and the secretary. The protocol shall serve to advise the U.E.B.B. members

Article 12: Competencies

The committee alone shall be competent in respect of the purpose and aims of the U.E.B.B.

  • It shall decide on admittance, exclusions and expulsion of members.
  • It shall supervise the work of the members of the office. It can ask for information about any affair concerning the U.E.B.B. as well as inspect documents and books at any time.
  • It shall arrange to open bank accounts, accept annual balances and budgets and relive members of the office.
  • It shall authorise the president and the treasurer in all transactions, buying and selling, payments and investments, in concluding contracts and agreements, within the aims and goals of the U.E.B.B.
  • It can delegate all or parts of the above mentioned competencies to the office or to other members of the committee.  

Article 13: Office

The committee shall elect every 3 years the members of the office. The president is exempted from election. He will be determined by France as the custodian country of the standard. The Secretary and the treasurer need not be a president of a member-club. The member-clubs can propose competent persons to be elected for these tasks. The office consists of the following members:

  • The president
  • Two vice-presidents
  • The secretary
  • The treasurer
  • 2 auditors The members of the office can be re-elected.  

Article 14: Duties of the members of the office

The committee delegates the following duties to the members of the office:

  • The president shall direct the activities of the committee and shall be responsible for the perfect functioning of the U.E.B.B. He represents the U.E.B.B. by civil law. In cases of absence he may delegate his authority to one of the vice-presidents. He shall present a yearly report to the committee.
  • The two vice-presidents shall support the president in his duties and represent him in case of absence.
  • The secretary is responsible for the paperwork, convening meetings and sessions. He shall record the minutes in his mother tongue and is responsible for their good keeping and translation into the other two languages of the U.E.B.B
  • The treasurer shall keep the books and administer the finances of the U.E.B.B. In agreement with the president, he shall make all necessary payments. He keeps the books according to the rules with receipts for revenues and expenses and reports to the committee during the yearly session.
  • The auditors shall examine once a year accounts and records. They shall present to the committee a report concerning their examinations.  

Article 15: Commissions

The presidents of the commissions will be proposed and elected by the committee. The member-clubs shall be invited to propose competent people. Among those proposed, the presidents will select 4 to 6 persons to assist within his commission. The presidents presents shall present a yearly report to the committee on the activities of the commission.     Chapter IV
Financing - Bookkeeping

Article 16: Financing

The financing of the U.E.B.B. will be as follows:

  • 1. Each club shall pay an entry-fee.
  • 2. The member clubs pay a yearly contribution, being calculated on the number of their membership.
  • 3. Dividends from parties and special events, fees and royalties for services provided, interests on investments as well as donations.  

Article 17: Accounting

The financial year of the association is according the calendar year. The accounting shall be continuously up-dated with receipts for expenses and revenues and show all transactions. The accounting must be examined by the auditors and be approved by the committee at the yearly session.  

Chapter V

Internal standing order - Formalities - settlement of quarrels

Article 18: Internal standing order

The committee can install an internal standing order to settle unforeseen matters specially for the duties concerning services provided by the U.E.B.B. to their members or for the tasks of their commissions.    

Article 19:

Article 20: Disputes

All disputes shall, without exemption, be submitted to the committee. This will decide according to the statutes. In case the quarrels cannot be settled by the committee, the French law will be valid. Court jurisdiction will be the office place of the U.E.B.B.

If the English and the French text of this statute allows different interpretation, the French version will be the original text.

Issued at Bethune/France on 6th September 1996.
Revised at Remlingen/D, on July 21st 2000

The President: Mr. Hervé Blasselle The secretary: Mr. Ernst Rutschmann
The 1st Vice President: Dr. Vito Zambelli The cashier: Mr.. Roger Muller
Board Member: Mr. Peter Schmidt  Board Member: Mr. Wolfgang Widmann

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